As 3D walkthrough tours are becoming more common, they are slowly building to become the next benchmark for which all projects are measured. This moment of transition in which we still consider to be a new technology but also a common offering has left many people doubting. As in any other business niche in the world; if you hesitate, you lose.

Read on and understand why a 3D walking tour might be your future property´s best bet.

3D Services for Potential Buyers:

Why is it that 3D services have become increasingly important in the architecture world in the last decade? The answer is very simple: because they represent the ultimate customer experience.

Getting to know how it feels to walk inside a building that has not yet been constructed is the best way to sell and buy a property.

1. From a Seller´s Perspective:

Most sellers focus on how unique is what they can offer their clients. In terms of architecture, it can be defined as how unique is the property that a person or business is getting from a construction.

It is very different to explain this kind of difference with other companies offering similar projects from a blueprint or even a good 3D render.

If you can make the clients walk through and experience the little things you´ve added to the design that makes it unique and special, then half of the match is already won.

2. From a Buyer´s Perspective:

Can you imagine a better way to find out if a property you are about to spend your next ten years working or living or both in is of your liking than taking a walk inside?

Well, that is a possibility nowadays thanks to the 3D walking tours. It will be much easier for you to understand whether you want a stairway more to the left or maybe a wall in a different color or even your furniture distributed in a different way.

It is especially helpful for commercial projects in which you can imagine the workflow and the position of each of your employees or colleagues to make corrections in real-time, even before construction starts.

Within the range of 3D rendering services, there are several that can be distinguished from each other. Each serves a distinct purpose and needs to be applied to a different situation; let´s check them out.

3D Walkthrough Services

This kind of service allows a close-to-reality walkthrough a building that has not yet been constructed. The way it is developed in the studios is through a technical art that goes by the name of mathematical wireframe representation.

This technique gives the final product not only a close-to-reality feel but also HD resolution. Using state of the art programs like 3DMax, After Effects, AutoCAD and more, the result can be an astonishing resemblance to the reality that is about to happen.

During the creation process of the 3D model, most companies take input from the construction company in order to modify the ongoing project.

A flowing communication between the company that visualized the project and has the customer input and the company that is creating the 3D walkthrough model is crucial to a good result.

One of the main reasons behind this phenomenon is that the construction company usually has the client feedback and knows which the areas to highlight are and the little details that need to stand out to make a better impression on the buying side.

3D Flyover Services

The Flyover service is especially important for big projects that involve an outside view an impact. For example, if you are hired to build a big building for an influencing company and want to show them what it feels like to approach it by car on the street, it is completely possible.

Also, if you hired a construction company and want to supervise that your new company´s building is as astonishing in reality as it looked like on paper, then it is a great idea to request a 3D Flyover service and see the final result with your own eyes.

Conclusion – 3D Virtual Tours Benefits

3D Virtual Tours have plenty of benefits for all involved in the construction of a building.

Let´s take a look at some of them:

1. They are time-saving and cost-effective:

It might not seem that way at the beginning, but once you understand that they save the time of going back and forth with sketches and blueprints because you get a definite green light with the 3D tour, you will see it really makes a difference in time and money.

2. They are great for follow-ups:

Following up on a 3D tour has the benefit of showing the client exactly what they agreed upon and vice versa.

3D tours are the future of construction and can solve many problems; embrace this new technology and make the most out of it.

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