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Bird-eye view is a great addition to rendering for construction companies because it lets them show customers or prospects architecture details you cannot see from the ground level. For example, it is very common when the architectural style and the sides of the homes are important for the overall look and design of the property or properties.

Another usage of this great tool is to create photo-immersive images that can then be utilized as banners, billboards and random advertisement to better sell the blanket property they are developing. Marketing is one of the main uses for bird-eye view renders.

As implied by its name, this kind of render takes an image in a 45°-60° angle from the ground to highlight a different detailing on the construction. The product we deliver is 100% HD and can be stretched to create big banners or used as a small image for a magazine.

Bird-Eye View Rendering Benefits

Get the fastest type of rendering with optimal results

The optimal results achieved with Bird´s Eye View can be achieved faster than with any other design tool in the market.

Speed is quite a factor at times and with certain clients, it can definitely be a game-changer. Getting your Bird-eye view render done in time to amaze that client means they can advertise it sooner. That benefits all of the involved and also the clients, who have the ability to purchase their ideal home with more time ahead.

Use the Bird-Eye rendering as a map of the terrain

The same project and image can be used to create a real scale map of the place where the project is placed to make it easier for clients to reach it.

Investing time and money only once can be another great way to cut on some costs for the final consumers and be more competitive than the rest when it comes to selling a similar property. Most companies use this feature for open showings and brochures for their clients or prospects.

Remove all irregularities that the manually-prepared plans can have

With the use of 3D Aerial View Rendering, we are able to deliver perfect results even when the original material was not perfect.

All irregularities and mistakes can be avoided with the use of the software leading to a better result that will amaze clients and prospects alike. Aerial 3D View Rendering has become an industry standard in the past few years and that means that if your company fails to offer that image to prospects in a perfect way, it will fall behind the competition losing chances to make sales in a very competitive market.

Bird´s Eye is especially important for clients with community-type projects

Community-type projects of multiple properties are the most benefited ones from this type of rendering because it lets clients immerse in their future neighborhood.

Getting the feeling of the place you will live at is crucial to make the purchase of a home inside of a community. With the use of 3D Aerial View Rendering the banner, billboard or any other advertisement you choose can portray even a day in the life of the future home-owner. That generates a feeling of security and trust and can be a game-changer ending up in a house sale.

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