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Streetscape rendering adds another layer to presenting a house for a customer. When you deliver exterior rendering, you are giving them an exterior look at the façade of their homes, but doing streetscape rendering is adding another dimension which gives the client a more complete vision of what it feels like to live in that place.

When adding other elements to the mix, what you can do (especially in community projects) is to project a dream into the mind of the client and it is to live the life he or she would live in that house, neighborhood, city and so on. The more complete is the experience you put on the banner, the better chances to sell it you will have.

The 3D-revolution for rendering didn´t only reach residential and commercial projects, but also urban ones. When it comes to designing entire cities, town, villages or communities, local governments need to do streetscape rendering to adjust their plans to reality.

Benefits of Streetscape Rendering

The complete customer experience

By adding the different elements such as bird-eye view, exterior rendering, interior rendering and streetscape rendering you can give the client the complete idea of what it will feel like to live in that house, neighborhood, and city. If they can close their eyes and picture themselves inside those immersive photos, half the deal is sealed.

Streetscape rendering is the last link in the chain of images you can give a customer painting an ideal life into his or her new home; don´t let it go missing.

Set the mood for the client´s imagination

When Streetscape rendering is done by talented artists, what you can achieve is to set a mood on the photo to convince a customer. For example, if you are trying to sell a house to a family that has kids you can make it in a radiant sunny day and put them into the picture playing on the street.

What Streetscape rendering communicates to the client is a feeling. Knowing how to exploit that to its maximum extent is the best way to touch their hearts.

Put the community in as an asset

If the house is inside a community, then that is an asset that needs to be exploited at the time of selling. If you use Streetscape rendering to picture a beautiful house inside a community of beautiful houses with children playing safely on the street, you will be making the most out of it.

Communities have many advantages for clients looking to buy a house such as tranquility, safety, a laid-back atmosphere and lots of activities for children. Put that on the picture and make it an asset, customers will love it.

Streetscape rendering for cities can be a game changer

Whenever cities approach some projects like walking lanes, bike lanes or other modifications to traffic and people flow, they use Streetscape rendering to see what it would look and work like on a regular day.

Potential buyers always look for opinions from family and friends for the property they are exploring.
3D Floor Plans can be downloaded or printed as per their convenience, enabling your property to be discussed at the dinner table.
Add a 3D Virtual Tour to your listing to enable customers to traverse through your property at their convenience. VR is PR!! Get this advantage today.

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