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Welcome to the hub of premium and all-round architectural BIM services. Arcengine brings to you a robust and experienced team that can take care of all your architectural BIM-related needs. We can provide you with a speedy, data accuracy, and inspection ready 3D model that is also highly personalized. We can even help you develop the design with us thereby ensuring that no developmental errors occur.

Arcengine has been serving architects, builders, designers, etc. from various industries and has acute experience in building BIM for all kinds of building structures. Read on to know more about our architectural BIM services and why the benefits they can provide you.

Our Services

Land Surveying

We use a combination of laser scanning technology and software based designing to achieve perfect topographical models that can aid a construction in a variety of ways. High quality surveys help make better constructional decisions regarding choosing building materials and other planning processes. Some of the surveys we can provide are ALTA survey, construction survey, utility survey, boundary survey, etc.

Construction Drawing

Our constructions drawings are highly accurate and can help you achieve an optimized building process. We also personalize the drawing as per your needs to ensure that you save both time and budget. Our team is adept in handling some of the latest software such as AutoCAD, Revit, Softplan, etc. so you can expect high quality construction drawings that will serve as the central resource plan for your building.

Presentation Drawing

No matter how unstructured your plan may be, we can develop a project ready presentation out of it. Our team is adept at client servicing and hence can bring out the exact concept by discussing and planning the entire presentation with you. And once the planning process is through, creating a 3D BIM presentation will be done quickly and accurately. Our experience and usage of the latest 3D rendering tools allows us to always deliver highly accurate presentations.

Permit Set

Our experience also provides us the knowledge necessary to develop plans that pass through the government checks without any hassle. Government agencies look for certain specifications within a permit set such as safety protocols, site plans, floor plans, etc. and we place these exactly in the manner necessary to guarantee you a speedy permission approval.

Redline Mark Ups

Need to plan changes to an existing structure? We hold industry experience in developing redline mark ups that can clearly communicate the changes to be made for any building structure. We will of course redraft your old drawing and provide you with a fresh drawing that integrates the redline mark ups.

CAD Conversion

If you are facing problems with communicating with your contractors and promoters through a CAD drawing, we can help convert it to a Revit based BIM. Revit models are easy to understand and provide various other structural benefits. The models we prepare can be easily integrated into any platform thereby providing hassle free communicating standards.

Why Us?

  • Arcengine holds broad client service knowledge including government, private sector, educational, and other industrial clients.
  • We provide all round BIM services under one roof thereby providing you the opportunity to have the entire process, from planning to developing, all under one platform.
  • You receive personalized services that always keep your needs in the centre of the development process.
  • Data accurate, easy integrating, modern technology based, engaging BIM architectural models delivered within strict deadline. That’s the Arcengine promise.

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The team we have handpicked for providing structural BIM services are adequately adept at using the latest technological resources to ensure that this accuracy is maintained.

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We provide a large range of MEP services. Arcengine hosts a highly efficient and knowledgeable MEP team that can ensure speedy delivery of all-round services.

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Scan to BIM

State-of-the-art technology based scanning and conversion. We have applied this technology in a wide variety of scenarios with outstanding results.

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CAD To Revit

We provide BIM conversion services that are technology-driven and processed through multiple quality checks. Read on to know more about CAD to Revit conversion and our process.

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