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The final as-built models that we provide at Arcengine consist of every last piece of as-built document that is necessary to assist it. These documents are an important part of any architectural model and we also provide the service of hand drawn models. The BIM as-built models we create are crafted keeping in mind the integration of the various changes at different levels of the architecture.

Our team consists of experts who interact closely with the various construction teams to ensure that a clear understanding of the constructional process is provided. You can expect the as-built models to be highly accurate and data oriented.

Why are As-Built Models Required?

As-Built models are usually needed when a certain building structure needs to be updated using constructional methods. They are models that take into consideration all the changes necessary in the form of paperwork, mostly hand drawn aided by a BIM. This paperwork helps the builder identify the changes within the existing model and thereby plan the construction process accordingly. Since as-built models are usually crafted through traditional means they require extremely experienced hands in order to be 100% accurate.

Our Process

Here at Arcengine we believe in enabling the state of the art machinery to lead the charge aided by our industry hardened quality team. Our process is optimized to provide the best of services even under the toughest time constraints. Find below a list our unique features using which we create detailed and accurate as-built models.

Acquiring of data

In order to provide 100% accuracy, the process needs to be given equal importance at all levels, and we start this from the data acquisition process. We employ both the latest software and traditional techniques to acquire the data needed to create a built as model. The data is also processed into the necessary paperwork.

Geographic information

Our team consists of photogrammetry experts who can curate the geographical necessities for the creation of BIM from photographs. Alongside we also use 3D laser imaging technology to ensure that the topographical shapes are not misread while creating the geographical models.

Highly accurate sketches

Our sketching process consists of our data team accurately briefing our drawing experts about all the necessary changes and red line mark-ups that they need to integrate within their drawings. Following this the sketches they produce are sent through quality checks to ensure that all the necessary information needed for the building phase is portrayed accurately.

Usage of latest software

We use the best software available in the market such as Revit to create all of our BIM structures. Usage of these software enable our models to be easily integrated into any platform necessary and also make them easy to communicate to your contractors. So with the help of our as-built models you can ensure that your architectural process remains error and hassle free.

Why Us?

  • We use multiple extraction methods thereby ensuring the most accurate of data collection procedures.
  • Highly experienced team of experts who can hand draw the necessary paperwork.
  • All-round services regarding any BIM related need and thereby complete knowledge of the industry.
  • Consistent towards provision of quality through the usage of latest technology and multiple quality checks.
  • Highly adept at using latest software such as Revit to provide industry ready services.

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