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Interactive visualization is used to help customers interact with the virtual surrounding they are enjoying through a device. Businesses are choosing this option to showcase their ideas and projects because interactivity makes a powerful impact on the minds of the customers and also lets them experience a structure and its surroundings in a manner that answers most of their questions.

Interactive visualization is basically a virtual tour via a 3D floor plan. It takes buyers on a walk-through of their new property with full controls in the form of interactive icons. They can navigate every room according to their will and discover products kept in the rooms while exploring features like sunlight in every room, interior decor, furnishing, colors of the walls and so much more.

Interactive visualizations are made using 3D renderings, floor plans, images and animations. These are mostly made to be mobile friendly so that a user can experience them on the device of their choice.

Offers a Realistic View of a Proposed Project

Imagine the impact of a visualization experience where the customer can walk into a room, turn around, zoom in on the objects that attract them, stay there for a few minutes and then move to the next room. This kind of an experience often makes a lasting impression on the customer’s mind and weighs heavily on their buying decision.

Buying a property is a costly investment and often calls for a lot of analysis and discussion. But both of these are not possible if a customer cannot see the property. Pictures and blue prints of a property only do so much to help the imagination. Interactive visualization on the other hand provides the much needed insight into the projects that are yet to be constructed. It offers the buyers a chance to look around the property in details and make a calculated decision if they decide to invest their money.

Gives Full Control to the Customer

Interactive visualization is a great tool for engaging the customers and giving them an immersive view of the property so that they can make a proper decision.

An interactive tour is a 360 tour with controls like zoom in, rotate and brightness options in the hands of the user. Using these options, a customer can step inside a room, look around, zoom in on the features he/she wants to explore more, step back and even rotate the view or a clear angle.

Makes for an impactful marketing tool

Interactive visualization impacts the minds of the customers in a positive way and gives business owners an impactful marketing tool that can lead to conversions.

Interactive visualization makes for a powerful tool for marketing. It lets a customer look around a property and explore every detail as they please. This kind of an impact is difficult to achieve with photos and 3D models because they clearly look fake and the customer cannot checkout the details like they would prefer to.

Helps Save Money and Efforts

Marketing is a costly affair and when a business spends on less impressive methods, it adds up to the cost. Interactive visualization is one marketing tool that can help save thousands with its effectiveness and ease of use.

Visualizations of a property are made using latest software that allow them to be shared with the clients on any device. They are mobile friendly and are very easy to use, so even the not so tech savvy clients can experience a visualization and look around a property. So, it’s safe to say that an interactive visualization saves up a lot of money because it is an effective marketing tool and also because it does not call for investment in any kind of special equipment.
Interactive visualization can be offered in both real as well as virtual segment but it is mostly preferred for virtual properties because they are the ones that need presentation. It works wonders for real properties in case of a long distance deal where the customer cannot check out the real site. But as already mentioned, interactive visualization is hardly used in the sales of existing properties. It is majorly used for presenting properties that haven’t been constructed yet but the design is ready and the architect or a real estate owner would like the customer to experience it.

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