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At Arcengine, we specialize in providing top class Redline conversion jobs. Our turnaround time is very less while the accuracy of our CAD drawings is very high. Our team of designers incorporates red-line markups into CAD drawings in order to show changes or corrections made to a drawing during later stages like renovation, maintenance, alternation and construction of a project. The red-line markups are added when the drawings are redrafted for some reason or the existing designs are being updated according to the recent markups.

Our skilled team can apply red-line markup to any type of drawing and deliver end results in a range of formats. We provide markups in the form of a scanned image, markup in Adobe and hard copy drawings.

Redline Markup at Arcengine

Redline Markup can be done in multiple ways. We offer all the below mentioned services and our team of experts deliver very high level independent of the output format. We use AutoCAD, Revit and Softplan to deliver the best designs possible.

Hardcopy Drawings

We take hardcopy drawings from our clients when they have to make changes on their drawings. Once they have submitted the new changes to us in the hardcopy, we redraft the sheet and incorporate the markups to create a new drawing through the drafting process. At Arcengine, we are open to our clients asking for changes multiple times and we support them by delivering new drawings in the shortest turnaround time. Our team is highly skilled in hard copy drawings and produces results that are highly dependable.

Electronic Redline Markups

We deliver drawings with markups using various electronic outputs. In order to perform this task, we ask our clients to provide the existing drawings in AutoCAD, Revit and Softplan with the markup sheet. From here, our experts take up and update the CAD files to show the new markups. We expect our clients to provide us with neat and clear markups so that we can interpret the changes properly and introduce them in the drawing.

How we do it at Arcengine?

At Arcengine, we follow a fixed protocol to deliver our clients with the best results. From start to end, we follow a step by step approach to finish the task at hand and ensure that the final drawings are accurate and reliable. We offer various quality checks at different stages and ensure transparent communication with our clients.


At this stage we collaborate with the client and talk to them about their needs. This is the stage we also put up our requirements like original drawings and markup sheets.


Once the client hands over the required documents in the preferred format, we go through everything and reconfirm with the client in case of doubts. We follow this step strictly so as to avoid any mistakes at a later stage. This stage is also necessary because of the importance of the red-line markups and a difficulty of understanding associated to them.


The next step is the actual procedure of redrafting to the design by incorporating the red-line markups and producing the drawing after changes.


At this stage, we send the drawing to the client to check it based on their understanding. This is the point where we collect the feedback and make changes, if required. We take the revision stage very seriously because any undetected mistake at this time can lead to a disaster during the construction phase.

Final check and Submission

This is the final stage where senior members of our team check the drawings made after client revision. Once they approve the drawings, they are handed over to the client.

Redline Markup at Arcengine – Key Aspects

  • With us, you get quality drawings with timely delivery.
  • We offer increased productivity with reduced expense.
  • With us, you will get reliable and accurate redrafts.
  • We provide personalized services to our client.
  • Our team is highly skilled in redrafting drawings with red-line markup.
  • Our designers use the latest softwares to serve the clients.

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