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Creating architectural family models has always been a task left to the experts and for good reason. Each and every member of the family is needed to be created with utmost accuracy in order for the entire model to be accurate. There is also the family geometry which is needed to be kept in mind throughout while providing family creation services.

This is why Arcengine always drops family creation tasks in the hands of our most skilled and knowledgeable BIM experts. We strive to provide our clients only the best services possible and this is done through a process of constant quality checks and a robust and professional team. Keep reading to learn more about BIM Family Creation services and why we excel at it.

Why do you require BIM Family Creation Services?

The family creation process entails planning and rendering of 3D models for some of the prominent aspects within a building, such as furniture, pipelines, etc. This process not only provides a higher graphical representation of the structure planned but also allows for ensuring that clients can make a good judgement call. All designers, architects, builders, etc. require Family Creation services and it is one of the primary expertises of our BIM team.

Our Process

At Arcengine, we have built an open work plan, where in, we involve the client in every step of the designing process. Our team works closely with the client to enable constant productive discussions so that we deliver on time and as per client expectations.

Choosing the right template

We have built over time some of the best and most adaptive templates when it comes to creating BIM families. Our range is vast and includes something for any type of family creation services required. We also specialize in creating personalized templates since we understand that each client is truly unique.

Creating the geometry

The family geometry is what ensures that none of the members of the family comes off as out of proportion or place. And this geometry needs to be predefined before the model is created. Our BIM experts have plenty of industry knowledge of creating family geometry for various family types and they also ensure to adhere by it throughout the modeling process.

Planning parameters

Setting the right parameters becomes highly important for the end results that will be produced. We use some of the latest technological resources to create the parameters required for the selected family template. Our team is trained to always keep in mind the family geometry while crating the model along with the architectural nuances.

Creating types and models

At the end of the stage we set the necessary type for each member of each family that is to be designed as well as set up rules for their visibility within the model. Once this planning part is complete our highly competent BIM experts set forth in creating the final BIM family based model required by the client.

Why Us?

  • At Arcengine we provide you with an in-house team of experts who focus on process-oriented service provision.
  • Our team consists of members that can provide all round BIM services thereby providing you with any extra necessities to the family creation.
  • We integrate the latest resources and technology to provide you services that is 100% accurate and personalized to fit your needs.
  • High level of adherence towards time goals always allows us to serve within deadlines and thereby ensure client satisfaction.
  • We also have a dedicated support team to provide you with any post-delivery help necessary.

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