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Exterior rendering is the best way to engage the wow factor in a property and seal the deal. Beautifully-designed houses that are not amazingly presented can turn a potential epic win in an epic fail in a matter of minutes. It is important that design is flawless, but as in great photographs, what matters the most is the eye of the artist.

Exterior rendering can take a created image of the outside of your project and take it to the next level highlighting that what makes it unique, the architectural wonderfulness of its design. Showing that what makes the construction unique to a client is to engage the wow factor.

Once the client has before his or her eyes the dream house that he or she always wanted, then it will surely be a “yes, thank you, where do I sign?”. Don´t be afraid to go the extra mile and fulfill your client´s dreams. They are expecting you to do it.

The Benefits of Exterior Rendering

As accurate as your mind´s eye is

As an architect, you can see the finished work in your head before you even put one line down in paper. That is your mind´s eye that is seeing something that hasn´t yet been created. Exterior rendering can help you compare your vision to reality before laying a single brick.

Exterior rendering is crucial to test that you are about to build exactly the building you´ve seen in your mind. Once you see it in the screen, you will know if there is any gap between imagination and reality.

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Troubleshoot your idea until you reach perfection

What worked on the sketch and the design might not work in reality. Put it to the hardest test by seeing it completed in an exterior rendering. If there was any flaw in the design, you will notice right away.

Sometimes it is design flaws and some other times it is just a mismatch of things that don´t go well together. All of that will come to the light during exterior rendering so you can correct it on the spot.

Engage that WOW factor and seal the deal

When you are making presentations for your clients, they don´t really need to know anything about architecture, but they sure know when something is beautiful or stunning or both.

When you engage the visual WOW factor in a client by presenting them with the most beautiful perspective of the place that they are looking to buy, your chances of sealing the deal get multiplied. Besides, it is easier to explain concepts to people without digging deep into architectural knowledge if they can see them expressed in the screen in shape of a house (or project).

Real time client interaction

Long-gone are the days in which projects were presented to the clients after drawing them in CAD. At that moment, if something was not agreed upon with the client, you had to redo the plans in CAD. That is no longer the case and client interaction is at its best.

External rendering is easier for you to explain concepts to clients and also for the clients to explain to you what they like and what they don´t to change it on the spot. Client interaction has never been so easy and fluid as it can be with external rendering.

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