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Your yacht´s deck glows under the first sun of noon as you are approaching to your own marina on a Sunday afternoon. Next to your yacht, your neighbor´s one floats gently moving in the subtle rhythm of the water. The mild wind moves the curtains in the upper floor of a classic English house and you walk the brand new asphalt towards a green garden. Children are playing and an entire family is having a day of fun with a big meal on the grass. This is exactly how your animated tour can begin for a house inside a community with a marina. The client who requested the construction can experience the future in an animated movie that isn´t virtual reality or is inside the building itself, but out in the open air showing an entire neighborhood. The benefits of animated tours are plenty; read on as we go into some of them.

A process of simple steps

Users need to follow a series of steps to enjoy this technology on their smartphones. First, get the VR app for your smartphone; it should be available in Google Play for download and installation. If you are an iOS user, you can also download the bundle and start enjoying this technology in your phone. Second, download the VR files you need; you can even use 360 renderings to have an immersive experience.

Once the files are compatible, downloaded and played with your brand new app, then you will be able to immerse in the depths of a photorealistic reality created virtually. The environment that is artificially created can be enjoyed in both: portrait and landscape modes on your smarthphone.

HMDs: The maximum immersion

HMDs stands for Head Mounted Displays and it is the ultimate immersive experience. The good thing about this technology is that it only takes your phone to take you to a different level of experience. Some of the best known ones are: Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and Google Daydream. Just place your smartphone in the device and enjoy.

Because not all the users feel the most comfortable with their phones, the Virtual Rality (VR) experience can also be done with all browsers that have Web Graphics Library (WebGL) enabled. Some of the most common browsers like Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge and Firefox are compatible with this energy and therefore can be good for the streaming of these files.

360 Dynamic Renders

Immersive video and photo content can be explored in an immersive way through dynamic rendering on the mobile. Once the content is rendered, you can then navigate it like you would with all other kinds of content: tapping, pinching, spreading and dragging. 360 dynamic renders are very easy to create and also to manipulate.

It is not the same to interact with virtual reality just looking at the screen on your phone than to do it taking advantage of the HMDs. It is important that the files are compatible with monoscopic rendering to see in the screen as well as immersive stereoscopic rendering to make the most of the HMDs technology.

Real time interaction

Have you ever heard about motion and head tracking? Well, it is a technology that allows you to engage real time with the virtual environment and navigate the scaled space of Virtual Reality seamlessly. This way you can enhance your presence in the Virtual Reality narrative and have real-time fun.

Being able to wander freely inside a virtual reality space is the best way to get familiar with a property. Imagine you are going to see a building you like and instead of taking the tour, you are just given the key and allowed to roam around at will.

With this breakthrough technology reaching our phones, there are no limits to what can be achieved and experienced with a simple screen. The depth of the perception is beyond anything you have experienced before and there is much more to come. What we can say is that after mobile and web Virtual Reality, architecture will never be the same.

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