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Augmented reality (AR) is a part of our everyday life, whether you have noticed it or not. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and many other Social Media platforms offer their users one kind or another of augmented reality. It was a matter of time until that technology spread to other industries such as construction and architecture. That time has come and nowadays, you can literally project your house or company building over the actual site in which it will be built before laying the first brick. Augmented reality houses and buildings are the next big thing for architects, engineers and builders alike. With this technology what you can do is to literally visualize your future house in the place where you want it to be at. For example, you can go to the free lot where your house is to be placed and project it using augmented reality (AR) tools. This way you can see how it looks next to your future neighbors.

Augmented Reality (AR) House Tours

It is perfect to answer that question: “How will the new house be?” In fact, most applications that let you perform this kind of task will also allow you to create photos and videos of it and then post them online for your friends to comment about it.

With Augmented Reality (AR) you can literally place your house anywhere you like. For example, you can place a model of it on a kitchen stool or the rug in your living room in a small scale or you can project the full house on the land it will be built upon. Augmented reality allows you to create perfect 360° models of your future home or offices building wherever and whenever you like.

Augmented Reality Site Plans

The scaled down projects you can see with your phone as projections can even show you a compass surrounding the property so you can understand physical position of the buildings.

Site plans follow a close methodology to the one that augmented realities do but in a different scale. For example, if you are building an industrial complex or a whole community or even a commercial center, you can project a scaled down version of it wherever you like. For projects that extend over large pieces of land, to have an overall look of them is crucial to fix any details or design mistakes you can spot in real time.

Augmented Reality and drones

Drones can provide the perfect HD aerial footage to create an augmented reality image of a big project. Industrial and commercial developments as well as communities are sometimes difficult to put into a single project since they involve so much measurement and work.

With augmented reality, it is a task that doesn´t take up much time or budget because over the HD footage, the augmented reality can populate blank spaces with perfect models of the project and it looks exactly as if the project was completely finished.

Mixed techniques

This is great for customers who want to have a building in the center area of the place they live at.

It is possible to mix augmented reality with other techniques such as virtual reality to create a complete model of a neighborhood. For example, if the neighborhood already exists but you need to project on it a new property you can digitalize all the existing ones and use augmented reality (AR) models to add the future building to the existing area.


Augmented Reality (AR) adds a new layer to the already rich variety offered by the multiple techniques available in the market today. Companies that work with virtual tours and animated tours can see in augmented reality a great addition to their way of showing new creations to customers and prospects. The wonderful aspect of this new technology is that you can easily see the results with a simple phone and no need for any extras. We are only seeing the beginning of augmented reality, it might be the future of modern architecture.

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