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Sometimes, simplicity is King. Such is the case of 2D floor plan and artwork; a simple tool that can take a simple sketch to the next level. It also works as a great tool to explain concepts to customers who want to see the property´s distribution in a simple fashion.

For new projects that haven´t been built, a 2D floor plan and artwork is the architectural layout of the property. It allows the clients to see which is the architect´s idea of each space with names and some basic pieces of furniture in each. You can think of it as a simple map of directions about what goes where.

Finally, 2D floor plans and artwork are great for offering apartments or commercial buildings for rent because users can have a better idea of dimensions than with pictures online. It is not as complete as a 3D render, but it can definitely be a step before.

Benefits of 2D Floor Plan & Artwork

Plan the space and have a sketch layout at a low cost

The importance that most people is putting on space planning is well deserved. the concept of “efficient use of limited space” is ruler mostly in commercial environments.

New spaces to be constructed are mostly done with this idea in mind, but it is also applied to those that already exist. Reutilizing space to make it more efficient is a necessity in modern times, even more so with organizational growth being so rapid and intense.

Going with the flow

Utility in most commercial environments is key because it helps to control people flow, what they are obliged to see and what brings a better experience. In this sense, for example, art galleries try to avoid bottlenecks and supermarkets to create them around high-consuming articles.

The commercial side of 2D Floor Plan & Artwork is very evident, but not the only one. If the distribution of houses or apartments is not correct, the comfort is severely diminished. Effective planning for a house can save room for future incoming members and improve the life of the already present.

2D Floor Plan & Artwork is a requisite for team work

Whenever you work with interior designers, engineers and other professionals, to have a communication tool that will show them exactly where each thing is at without explaining architectural concepts is crucial. Same thing happens backwards as you get the idea without going deep into theory.

Simple things as colors, furniture, piping and distribution can be made way easier by having a 2D Floor Plan & Artwork to point all the things at. For example, in a meeting with an interior designer, he or she will give the idea of colors, textures and furniture depending on the flow.

Communicate, modify or move forward

When communicating ideas to clients and prospects, it is very useful to have a simple tool that is cost-effective and can be done many times (even in real time) according to the customer´s taste and will.

Clients love to see things in images because they are not familiar with the way traditional architecture tools work (AutoCAD user interface is not something to show a client). The 2D Floor Plan & Artwork is so cost-effective, that you can prepare and correct one for each meeting until you reach to a final sketch.

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