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The accuracy level that BIM has brought to architecture is unprecedented. Whether it is for survey reasons or construction, refurbishment or even changing the pipes scan to BIM can deliver perfect results.

This process converts the laser scans (or point Cloud Data) performed on standing buildings into 3D geometry translating all the details and components of the structure found. The images taken by the specific scanner can be then translated into a variety of forms such as CAD drawings or 3d BIM Models.

Scan to BIM Services at Arcengine

We have applied this technology in a wide variety of scenarios with outstanding results. At Arcengine, we believe that this is the future of architecture and all techniques used today will be obsolete very soon. You can use Scan to BIM:

Residential and commercial structures

For renovation, recycling, conversion or any other given reason, Scan to BIM has proved to be the most effective way to measure the existing structure and accurately plan for what´s to come. If you use Scan to BIM for your next project you can save money time and have perfect results.

Monuments and historic buildings

The way buildings are built today is very far from what they used to be in previous centuries. Scan to BIM can be the perfect way of getting all the details on intricate corners, dome-like structures and non-conventional building strategies.

Train stations, airports and bus stations

This kind of big buildings need to have specific facilities prepared for the transit of hundreds of thousands of people. Making renovations, modifications and such changes without breaking the natural flow of the crowds. With scan to BIM you will get all the information you need to plan the best modification to date.

The Arcengine Way

These are the benefits of utilizing the Scan to BIM service that we at Arcengine offer:


We provide the most cost-effective, accurate and modern service of Scan to BIM in the market. Renovating, refurbishing and changing existing buildings had never been so accurate and cost-effective.


Old government buildings and worn-out structures tend to be more difficult to measure with the effect of time. We can make the perfect, most accurate plan based on Scan to BIM procedure and avoid redundant construction.


Once the measurements are taken by our expert team, Arcengine data can be run through other data platforms needed for the virtual construction process with 100% of compatibility guaranteed. These include BIM coordination, Interference checks and 4D and 5D BIM among many others.


Because all the information gathered is stored electronically, Arcengine can give access for the company to make the changes required by the maintenance schedule of the buildings. These real-time changes can be a game changer preserving the future of the recycled construction. This is, perhaps, the main difference between Scan to BIM technology and the old school As-built drawings.

Effortless Results

Identifying dimensions in an existing building can turn out to be really hard work. don´t deplete all your energy on a basic phase. With laser scans, all measurements are turned into dense point clouds and then used seamlessly for the renovation project. Minimize the efforts and maximize results with Arcengine Scan to BIM services.

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