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Structural modeling & detailing services is one of the special fortes of Arcengine. Structural models become important when a design needs to be shifted into the fabrication stage. And any errors in this stage can lead to a total failure in the building development. Hence, it is of absolute necessity that structural detailing services be provided with the highest of regards towards data accuracy.

The team we have handpicked for providing structural detailing services are adequately adept at using the latest technological resources to ensure that this accuracy is maintained. Keep reading to find out more about the structural detailing services provided by Arcengine and how it can help you.

Why do you require Structural Modeling & Detailing?

Structural modeling & detailing services help a designer or builder plan their building in a manner in a highly efficient and optimized manner, thereby reducing errors and building time. It lays bare the skeleton of the structural planning and thereby facilitates a much better analysis capability. With the help of an experienced team of BIM experts, any builder can have a shot at coming up with a much more accurate and user-friendly final BIM plan.

Our Structural Modeling & Detailing Services

Structural Analysis

We provide highly accurate structural analysis that have real life uses and can provide better judgement capability on behalf of the builder.

Structural Design

We can create a structural design for you right from scratch. Simply bring to us your basic building plan and watch our team build the entire model for you.

3D Modeling

Our team can create personalized and data accurate 3D models of any structural design. With the help of these models realizing changes to the structure become hassle free.

Steel Structure Detailing

If you are looking for a detailed structural BIM for the steel skeleton of your design, you have come to the right place.


We can also extract a certain piece from your plans and create only the structural BIM for that section. This helps in communicating intricate plans to contractors and builders.

Parametric Libraries

Our vast resources allows us to swiftly create a list of all the parameters that will need to be kept in mind while creating the structural BIM. This helps in maintaining the accuracy standards.

Construction Documents

Along with a perfectly functioning structural BIM, we can also provide you with the necessary paperwork needed to aid a hassle free construction process. These include data lists, construction manuals, hand drawn plans, etc.

Why Us?

  • Arcengine brings forth a robust team comprising of experts who have long been working with the industry and can provide all round structural BIM solutions. We have worked with clients from all sectors and developed
  • BIM solutions for buildings of all types and sizes. So you can rest assured that we will be able to provide you with the services necessary.
  • A structural BIM can ensure that you get through to your clients much faster and in a manner such that your construction receives speedy approval.
  • The BIM we provide you with can be easily integrated into any platform necessary. This ensures that you can share it with anyone with ease and also make hassle free changes to it in the future.
  • A well drawn structural BIM can ensure that your building and planning time is cut down by half thereby ensuring saving of budget as well.
  • Overall, our services will readily ensure that your entire process becomes highly optimized and increase all-round construction efficiency.

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