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Converting architecture designs from one platform to another can be a really tough task that requires a lot of attention and precision. Even the tiniest misstep can lead to huge problems later on during the building period. Hence, Arcengine has brought forth a robust and process-oriented team consisting of CAD to Revit conversion experts.

We provide a range of services related to architectural modeling and our experts are more than adept at converting any type of CAD based architectural drawing. We provide flawless services that are technology driven and processed through multiple quality checks. Read on to know more about CAD to Revit conversion and our process.

Why Convert from CAD to Revit?

While CAD is indeed a great software for an architect to work on, there are multiple advantages posed by Revit models that make it a better option when to comes to BIM services. Revit based models are highly detailed and therefore present a wider array of analytical options allowing for better construction ideas. BIM software such as Revit also offer certain programs that allow for easy integration of post design changes.

Apart from these technical factors, Revit is a more widely used software amongst other parties and thus can ensure easy communication between you and contractors. It can also help you get past the government scrutiny processes with ease. For these wide range of advantages most builders and architects get their CAD based model converted to Revit based BIM.

Our CAD to Revit Conversion Process

Here at Arcengine we provide professional BIM conversion services that are both hassle free and highly considerate of deadlines. Find the central features of our conversion process below.

Penchant for accuracy

Our team is trained to provide the highest of importance towards every bit of detail while converting a BIM. Every dimension, block, graphic, and text is rechecked multiple times to ensure that they have been converted accurately.

Usage of automation

We have enabled the usage of AI to convert some of the complicated areas of CAD based models. This ensures that our results are always accurate regardless of the level of the complication.

Complete feasibility with other platforms

The BIM we provide you after conversion will be able to easily integrate with any platform necessary. This will help you share your plans with a third party who may be using a different platform.

Dedicated and experienced team

The team we have at Arcengine are handpicked experts with more than enough industry experience to provide an accurate and highly detailed Revit model through conversion. You can rely on us to ensure you have the perfect BIM necessary.

Adherence to time goals

We are highly considerate of our deadlines and are also adept at providing our services in a speedy manner.

Industry experience

We have prior experience in converting models for all types of buildings both private and corporate, large and small. So, you can depend on us to provide you with the necessary conversion solutions regardless of your project type.

Why Us?

  • All-round hands-on service from the most professional of our teams.
  • Guaranteed conversion services regardless of the CAD software used.
  • Models that easily integrate into any BIM framework required.
  • Personalized solutions for unique problems.
  • Round the clock support for any post delivery issues.

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