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CAD conversion service is the process of converting scan-based drawings, PDF and data on paper into accurate CAD drawings. Arcengine delivers high-quality AutoCAD conversion services for real estate & architects by re-drafting the drawings in CAD with careful reference to original hard copies. We work on CAD conversion assignments of all sizes and deliver best quality outputs.

At Arcengine, our experts have hands-on-experience of converting raw data in usable and editable CAD designs. They are skilled and trained to understand the nuances of drawings related to Architecture, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering and more. We deliver CAD output files in the format preferred by the client. Our team uses a wide range of CAD softwares with AutoCAD at the centre of them all. Some of the softwares used by us are: AutoCAD, Revit, Softplan. We will have to customize this list according to the client.

CAD Conversion Services at Arcengine

The types of CAD conversion services provided at Arcengine can be divided into two parts:

CAD Vectorization Services

In this process, the raster-based drawings are converted into CAD or Vector formats. Our team redraws the scanned/raster drawings in CAD manually while paying attention to each and every detail. Under CAD Vectorization, we can include special requests like need for layers, color coding, dimension styles and text styles.

CAD Digitization Services

Under CAD Digitization Services, we provide the exact digital copies of the scan of construction plans or microfilmed drawings or hard copies. In this process, we do not include customizations.

Cad Conversion Services

Other CAD Conversion Services Offered by Arcengine

Other than the above mentioned two services, our clients can choose customized CAD conversion services as well.

Image to CAD Conversion Services

In this service, we convert scanned images to perfect CAD entities. The Image to CAD conversion can be done both in 2D and 3D.

Paper to CAD Conversion Services

In Paper to CAD conversion, we first scan your paper drawings, tracing, blueprints, etc. and then convert them into CAD through manual re-drafting.

PDF to AutoCAD Conversion Services

The PDF to AutoCAD conversion service involves the complete conversion of a PDF file into accurate ACAD file with all the CAD elements like circles, arcs, text, etc. we completely redraft the PDF file using AutoCAD in this conversion.

Raster to Vector Conversion Services

At Arcengine, we offer manual raster to vector conversion, so that our clients get flawless drawings without imperfect CAD data. This process ensures that the output of the conversion is error free.

Construction Drawing Services

How we perform CAD Conversion?

At Arcengine, we have put in place a proper process that facilitates accurate creation of CAD files in minimal time and affordable prices. Below are the steps that we follow.


At this phase, we consult with the client and try to get as much information about the project as possible. This is the time when we discuss the type of drawings that need to be converted and the format of delivery.


Once the scope of a project is understood, our experts evaluate and offer a price quote for approval. This is usually done within 24 hours. We start working on the project immediately after we get approval.

Feedback and Reviews

We prefer to get client’s feedback at each and every step in order to avoid too many last minute modifications. The feedbacks are immediately incorporated and implemented.


The final drafts are first checked by our team of quality analysts. Once they approve, the final drafts are then passed on to the client in client’s preferred output format.

CAD Conversion Service – Why Us?

  • We offer increased productivity and control
  • With Arcengine, you get highly accurate final output
  • We give you faster results in low costs
  • On time delivery in preferred output format
  • Assurance of data security and reliability
  • With us, you get complete involvement at every step

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