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Can you imagine taking a walk inside a house that has not been built yet? Moreover, can you picture hiring a construction company to build your brand new offices and be able to walk through them before the work has even started? Well, virtual tours are exactly that.

Virtual tours through properties that have not yet been built are the novelty. Since they are so effective to make customers understand concepts and experience the feeling of being inside the building they wanted constructed for their companies or families, virtual tours are increasingly becoming a new benchmark in the industry. Virtual tours are here to stay and the trend will keep on growing. Read on to understand everything you need to know about them.

They save time and money

Although it is a build up until you get to the point in which they actually save time and money for you, virtual tours are time saving and cost effective in the long run.

For customers, they are crucial because they will clear any doubts and make a great canvas for explaining your ideas and modifications to architects without using any jargon or knowing extensively on the subject.
For sellers, benefits are also huge because although it takes you time to create the virtual tour, once done and applied, there might be one feedback session with clients and that´s it. They save time and money on feedback, error correction and information flow.

Great for customer – seller interaction

Virtual tours are an immersive experience because they allow customers to dive deep in the interiors of the property. They surround themselves with the colors, furniture and style they ordered for the house creating a sense of real life that allows them to make choices and informed decisions easier.

Virtual tours are not only great ways to explain concepts in an easy to understand way, but also are a great way to document what you agreed upon for the construction moment. In fact, some models of virtual tour resemble so much the terminated work that you can´t really make out one from the other. You can let your clients roam around their future property at ease. The more they appear as a standard feature for building companies, the more customers will require it as a standard too.

Fully furnished finished models

Most modern virtual tours allow visitors to roam through houses at will without being reduced to any kind of guided tour. It is very close receiving the key for a house on sale and not going with an agent but being able to roam around at your own will.

If your company does more than one thing or you work with an interior design artist, then you might offer your customers a fully-finished view of their future home or company including furniture, colors and home appliances of all kinds. With the newest technology in this field it is even possible to emulate natural lighting and acoustics in certain areas of houses and companies.

Mobile-friendly version

Virtual tours have arrived to the market to stay and make a difference. In years to come, it is a common belief that all other traditional ways of communicating to clients and have them review designs and models will be limited to virtual tours.

With the use of HTML5 platforms it is a possibility to develop this kind of virtual tours even for cellphones. Picture it for a second: you are commuting home from work and also taking a tour through your future home without losing one minute of your time. With the ability of showing text, animations and still images through the embedding of hotspots, the experience is one of a kind.

More and more companies are coming up with increasingly powerful and easy to use programs to do this kind of work. The most important companies in that business niche like Autodesk have released either a version of existing software that is compatible with virtual tours or a dedicated program for it. In fact, Google came up with a freeware that is available for free download in their platforms. Virtual tours are the next thing; it is about time to get on board.

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