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Your yacht´s deck glows under the first sun of noon as you are approaching to your own marina on a Sunday afternoon. Next to your yacht, your neighbor´s one floats gently moving in the subtle rhythm of the water. The mild wind moves the curtains in the upper floor of a classic English house and you walk the brand new asphalt towards a green garden.

Children are playing and an entire family is having a day of fun with a big meal on the grass. This is exactly how your animated tour can begin for a house inside a community with a marina. The client who requested the construction can experience the future in an animated movie that isn´t virtual reality or is inside the building itself, but out in the open air showing an entire neighborhood. The benefits of animated tours are plenty; read on as we go into some of them.

Bring the experience of your unique amenities to your customers

Amenities can be a game changer; especially when it comes to homes. This is because they are 10-year projects or sometimes even more. If your clients are going to embark in such a venture, they might as well make sure that the result is completely of their liking.

With an animated tour, you can highlight the most important features of the property and expose them to your customer before putting down the first brick. Animated tours are a splendid way to open the door for many interested customers to be familiar with a certain project.

Bring life to your homes before laying down any bricks

Animated tours can highlight this uniqueness in the building and also bring life to your vision so you can explain your clients everything with supporting evidence.

A project like building a house or an office will include several sessions of feedback between both parties. Your clients will tell you how to address certain areas and the way they want some of the amenities in the house and you will try to interpret their vision adding some of your unique elements to make it a one-of-a-kind structure.

Provide all house owners in a community a feel of their homes and neighborhood

When you are creating an animated tour of a community, you can do it in a cost-effective way and create an experience that will work for every house owner and then make several designs for the different houses.

The entire animated project will cost you way less than creating a model for each of the potential buyers. Animated tours can even be distributed through social media or posted on YouTube to reach a much wider audience. For example, you can distribute the same video to all your agents and even make pamphlets with the link to the YouTube video to reach all potential buyers. Animated tours are time-saving, cost-effective solutions.

Increase the leverage of your website and sales center with animated tours

If your website offers this kind of feature in it, then it will increase your company´s image and leverage. Animated tours are an animated sequence showing exactly what you want to highlight of a property.

The more features about a project you can provide for your future audience, the more likely you´ll get a response. Some of the potential buyers you will come across will look for an animated tour as a minimum to be interested in sitting down for a conversation about the project.

Animated tours are the best way to show your future buyers what it would look like to arrive to their new home or company in a movie-like sequence. As a builder, being able to highlight the advantages of your unique design and the comfort that your add-ons will bring to the customer´s everyday life might mean closing the sale deal. Also, you can use it as a previous step to virtual reality tours inside a property. The time for animated advertising of future properties has come; if you miss this opportunity, your competition will leave you behind and you will potentially be losing business and money.

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