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Boundary Survey and Location survey

A “Boundary Survey and Location survey” is utilized to recognize boundary lines of the property. In the survey, the surveyor will set or recover the property corners and produce a detailed map by surveying land. To achieve the necessary requirements, the surveyor will examine the public records and perform research on the field, take measurements and calculations by the survey equipment.

Boundary survey and location survey are the two types of land surveys that are similar. It provides you with the drawing of the boundary lines and improvements for the property. Though, these two surveys are quite different when concerning title insurance and Mortgage.

What is the Boundary survey and why it is essential?

A boundary survey is to be performed by the surveying team. In boundary surveys, accurate property edges are registered of the property. There is no boundary error after the survey. The correctness of a boundary is analyzed inside 1/8 of an inch.

What is location survey/drawing and why it is necessary?

A location drawing determines the property borders and determines the enhancements executed on the property. It is performed for managing the legal record, right of ways, and other characteristics to exhibit the property project. So in conclusion, a location drawing is accurate and detailed relevant to the survey performed. Accordingly, a location drawing is not on labels or marks fixed at the edges of the property.

For closings, commercial projects will demand ALTA/ASCM Survey. ALTA is for American Land Title Association, and ACSM is for American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. An ALTA/ASCM survey is a Boundary Survey that necessity matches particular valid criteria stabilized by these brace of organizations.

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