With the long spading field of technology, all have their pros and cons . While looking around, we must understand both sides of the coin.

Implementation of BIM has always been a concern for both clients and companies. Though, Challenges with BIM implementation bring their solutions along.

The implementation of BIM (Building Information Modeling) can save time and money, provide realistic models at every step of a architectural project’s lifecycle, and be used to make presentations to people who might not have specialist architectural or design-based knowledge.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is emphasized technology in the construction / Real Estate business. Lack of conventional knowledge about the implementation of BIM is a notable obstacle faced several times.

What are the major challenges with BIM implementation?

Implementation of BIM after signing up for the project generates few difficulties doing that every company strives to provide the best BIM modeling services.

At Arcengine, we surveyed within in-house sources, and through thorough communication with our employees and clients. We came up with the list of things that harmonize in the wrong way.

Follow along to know more about challenges with BIM implementation-

1. Miscommunication and wrong information:

Most of the time explanation by the customer is way different than what they expected. In this condition, proper explanations by the customer will a whole lot of improvement.

We take special measures to avoid such conflicts, our project leaders and BIM managers take into consideration the whole project. Discuss with clients about their requirements and demands pen it down, and submit it to the project team.

A strong organized process to formulate information is healthy for the benefit of the project.

2. BEP based on BEP:

A straightforward approach while starting the project is to start creating a BIM execution plan to utilizing old Break-Even Point (BEP) and remodel it until its suits the project.

But be cautious! It can be a risky move.

It has pros and cons both. So choose the right BEP that matches current real estate projects. You can also create a template to prevent errors.

3. Unrealistic demands for BIM modeling services:

Clients commonly submit plans that are disconnected from reality, they have a vision of a unique architectural project that they might have seen of herd misinterpretation of. They think of 7D BIM, Ariel angle, drone, etc.

In this case, the contractor and designer must initiate by acknowledging the client about what they can expect and all the conventional services.

4. Suitable implementation:

Creating a BIM implementation map will help you to have an understandable sub goal to achieve a better BIM.

Map will act as a guide to navigate you in –

  • What object to model in the particular stage?
  • Who will be responsible for modeling the object and add information to it?
  • What data is needed for the realization of a given BIM Use?
  • When will such data will be required?

5. Complex terminology:

BIM terminology is one of the most common challenges with BIM implementation and modeling services. It would be difficult on part of contractors to allow BEP to be an intricate document.

The solution for the BIM implementation process – While using BIM services abbreviations or BIM terminology can add links to the explanation of the problem in plain, simple, and easy to understand language.

Although, there are many problems that we can find the solution to but here are quite a few issues where we must flash a torch.

In the survey, administered by the National Building Specification (NBS), five general problems faced by the construction industry while integrating BIM technologies are:

  • less demand from the Client’s due to lack of understanding
  • BIM technologies are not always suitable for all kinds of projects. Such as a project with unique characteristics is less likely to implement standardized techniques, smaller organizations, etc.
  • Lack of BIM professionals
  • limited advantage from BIM for small projects
  • Expenses of BIM implementation

Anyway, these are the limitation which may serve as a milestone in BIM adoption challenge.


Designing a BIM Execution Plan can be a bit complex. But at Arcengine, we work in an easily-built structure that serves to be convenient for us to provide you what you want.

We learn, plan and execute. Our team is always open to feedback so that we can improve on every level to provide the best BIM services and other real estate services.

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