The growing population and scarcity of land have forced the world to look at land surveying with a different perspective. What has added to this outlook is the increasing number of lawsuits in a court of law relating to property line disputes. It’s not that land surveying is new to the construction and real estate industries.

The only difference is that earlier land surveyors used to apply traditional methods  and tools to capture the physical properties of a land, but today, drone technology has replaced them. In fact, drone land survey in the USA has become a common practice for mapping terrains and property.

Why Drone Land Survey Is Important?

Whether you’re buying real estate for a commercial, residential, or industrial purpose, looking forward to extending your home, or are entangled in a property line dispute with your neighbour, using a commercial drone also referred to as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) can help you achieve peace of mind.

There are many professional land surveying companies that provide services for drone land survey in the USA. With a drone survey, you can capture accurate geospatial information, real-time high-resolution imagery, and make the development process simple for construction.

Most importantly, it will eliminate the need for manual drafting since the data collected can easily be imported to CAD drafting applications.

Why Use a Drone for Land Survey?

Given the rising price of the property, it’s not feasible for all to invest in real estate. For commoners, it’s once in a lifetime affair. So as a home buyer or a mortgage lender, having a clear title is necessary to enjoy your investment as long as you want.

For this, a proper ALTA land survey to specify the boundary of your plot is important. You can use drone land survey from a licensed, and professional land survey company.

With the drone land survey in USA, you can create ground control points, property boundaries, reference points, and perform accurate readings.

Benefits of Drone Land Survey

To set correct boundary corners of your land and show how the property fits with the existing properties on the ground, traditional method of mapping is slowing nudging toward oblivion. Today, commercial drones are being widely used for land surveying.

Here are the benefits of using drones for mapping and surveying.

1. Safety:

Before the drone technology, on-field crew have to walk the entire patch of the land to create reference points. Many times, they have to handle rugged terrains and steep elevations that resulted in fatal accidents, slowing the workflow, and adding to the construction budgets.

With the use of commercial drones for mapping and photography, on-site accidents have reduced drastically.

2. Faster Turnaround Times:

Mapping and inspecting a plot using traditional surveying methods is time-consuming. Not only it delays the construction project, but also adds to the budgets.

With the drone technology making its foray into the construction industry, the style and methodology of the land survey have changed a lot. A commercial drone can capture a lot in less time and expedite the process for detailed mapping of the site.

3. High-resolution Imagery:

Since a drone can be manipulated with a control device, it can fly a few inches or feet above the ground surface, and supply impressive photographs through aerial surveying. Its ability to capture  high-quality photographs from different angles can provide great insight for construction.

For a professional land surveying company, the drone survey is a great tool to demonstrate quality photographs of the site. You can capture the real size and scale of the property in a few minutes.

4. Greater Accessibility:

It’s not easy for the on-field crew and vehicles to reach every place for mapping and inspection. Using the traditional tools and equipment at congested places, flooded areas, or a busy roadway is quite difficult.

For surveying such a difficult site, a commercial drone is the most accurate and cost-effective device for plot mapping, collecting data, and precise readings.

Drones are best for mapping a plot or hazardous site in a few minutes. For drone land survey drafting in USA, please contact Arcengine Technologies, your professional land surveying drafting company.

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