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Permit set or approval sets are the drawings, models and other presentations that are made by a seller to the buyer so that they approve of the proposal. Permit sets are made for buyer approval as well as government approval of a project. We at Arcengine, know how to create permit sets that will result in approvals. We create elevations, frame drawings, sections of the building and so much more to help our clients get approval on their project. Our team of designers uses various software to build the plan set and do so in the shortest turnaround time.

Our team of experts create permit sets after meeting the client and conducting a site survey. Designs are also created considering the client’s wishes and the rules of the state/country. We take an approach wherein we travel to balance the wishes of the client with the rules set by the province to create designs that are extraordinary yet permissible. Permit sets are created with a special focus on the understandability of the project on both sides.

Permit Sets at Arcengine

Based on the location of the project a number of plans sets or a combination of plan sets need to be submitted by a developer in order to get all the permissions. Following are the permit sets that we create for our clients and help them manage the otherwise tricky process of getting permission. These permit sets are also designed for buyers’ perusal.

Architectural Plan Sets

Architectural plan set is the set that displays the aesthetics and layout of a project and is very crucial when it comes to getting permission from a prospective client or the city. This plan includes details like site plan, elevations, floor plans, material schedules, wall components, sections and details and structural calculations.

Structural Plan Sets

Structural plan set is usually made and submitted at the time of submission of architectural plan set. This drawing focuses on the overall engineering of a project. This plan includes information about beams, columns and slabs, floor, ceiling and wall components, connections and anchorage structural calculations.

MEP Permit Set

MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) set is very crucial for this procedure. Every building proposal has to show its MEP set through specific drawings and plans. These are reviewed by various departments when it comes to government approval.
Mechanical permit sets include the information related to cooling, heating, smoke control, kitchen equipment, duct layout and may also include calculations related to energy use.
Electrical permit set reviews all the electrical details of the proposed project. They include switches, lights, transformers, outlets, switch gears, etc.
Plumbing permit set details all the plumbing details of a project including plumbing floor plans, riser diagrams, hydraulic calculations and assessments related to water usage, gas pipes, fire sprinkler water systems and greywater system.

Civil Permit Set

Civil permit sets are meant to specify the exteriors of a project and are needed when seeing approval for new construction or modifications. Civil plans are compulsory for a successful public works review. Civil permit sets include information related to landscaping, drainage, grading, utilities and erosion control.

How we do it at Arcengine?

At Arcengine, we follow a strict protocol to ensure that the permit set procedure works in the favor of our client, at every level. We perform our tasks in steps in order to ensure smooth processing while eliminating chances of disagreement with open discussion.


The first step is to collaborate with the client and understand their needs and wishes. At this stage we discuss the project scope along with client expectations to understand the project properly.

Designing and Drawing

After the inputs from the client, our team of designers get to work and create drawings for various sections of the project and come up with various sets needed for permission at various levels. We bring with us several years of experience and understanding that this job needs.

First Draft Discussion

At this stage, we send the first drafts to the client and ask for their feedback. Changes are made according to the feedback. This stage is very crucial for the project therefore, we take time to understand client expectations once more before moving ahead to create final drafts.

Revision and Final QC

After client feedback, our team of experts work meticulously to include everything based on client feedback and what is necessary and then the final drafts are sent out to our in-house team of QC. This team comprises of senior subject matter experts.


Once the permit sets are approved by our quality control experts, the final drafts are the sent to the client.

Permit Set Drawing At Arcengine - Key Aspects

  • We offer various time and cost saving strategies to help our clients get permissions quickly.
  • We collaborate with the client and work closely to create permit sets that will ensure hassle free approvals.
  • We are skilled in managing all aspects of permit set drawing and make sure that each and every project gets the best of our attentions.
  • We work in steps and ensure that the client is informed about each and every update.
  • We stick to deadlines and work professionally to achieve the end result for the client.
  • With Arcengine, our clients get the best when it comes to expertise on permit set drawing.

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